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In tune with their own deepest longing and that of the earth, human beings birth vibrant and sustainable communities reflective of the unique spirit, gifts and skills of each member. 


I am a writer, singer songwriter, mother, and facilitator here to nurture and support inner and collective transformation towards a way of being which honors our whole selves and the interdependence of all living things.


Over the past 27 years, I have worked as a researcher, writer, organizer, teaching artist, trainer, and cultural worker in frontline communities and multiracial organizations forging pathways to the eradication of child labor, equitable development, climate and social resiliency, and gender, racial, and economic justice.

I am a world percussionist trained by Cuban and Dominican master drummers.

I am a student and practitioner of buddhism, emergent strategy, and relational somatics.

For more information about my work history, visit my LinkedIn site..